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Generations change with the birth of the first baby. If you stick with it, the photos (and custom content!) improve ;)

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Ancient History Archive

Generations change with the birth of the first baby.

Prologue: Prologue
Generation A: A-I : A-II

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The Lawson Legacy - 8.5

Last time, the generation eight kids entered university and got embroiled in the usual sex and fighting. This time... well, much of the same, really ;) It's a shorter update because it was either that or a HUGE one.

8.5 – Hunter's HaremCollapse )

EDIT: Aaaannndd the 8th gen kids are now available for DL :)

Ancient History: A-II
AH: Historia

Last time, Historia and her wife Lauren had a lot of babies, as is wont to happen in Legacies.

A-II – The One With Eight BirthdaysCollapse )

The Lawson Legacy - 8.4

Last time, the generation eight kids all managed to survive their teens with their sanity reasonably intact. And now for university...

8.4 – No Sparkles HereCollapse )

Ancient History: A-I
AH: Historia

Last time, Historia moved into her Legacy 'house' with her pet cat, Sphinx and, after a lot of searching, finally met and married her wife, Lauren. The prologue ended on the amazing cliffhanger of Lauren being about to give birth.

A-I – The One With So Many Babies!Collapse )

The Lawson Legacy - 8.3

I've learnt that the hardest part about switching between the Lawsons and Ancient History is not keeping track of who is doing what, but rather remembering to switch my downloads folders each time I switch. (FWIW, the Lawsons look totally cute Maxis Match!)

As a warning, there are over 100 pics in this update.

8.3 – Ghosts, Hunger and Inappropriate Sexual ActivityCollapse )

Ancient History: Prologue

The Lawsons are halfway through generation eight, and I'm already fretting about saying goodbye to them, so I decided to get my next legacy started before I have to do so. Ancient History is a commentary-style alphabetacy with a – you guessed it – ancient history naming theme. It should be fairly easy to distinguish from the Lawson Legacy, given that Ancient History is maxis match and the Lawsons are not! ;)

Prologue – In The BeginningCollapse )

The Lawson Legacy - 8.2

I was checking a few things out recently, and realised that I've actually been playing the Lawsons for just over six years. Okay, there were a couple of massive gaps in there, but still. There's no wonder that my taste in (and the availability of) custom content has changed so much since back in Amelie's day. I still miss some of the legacies I read back in the day!

Anyway, enough reminiscing. Onward!

8.2 – Tag-TeamingCollapse )

An Ancient History teaser...

Meet Historia Caesar. Historia is the founder of my new Maxis Match legacy, Ancient History. I'm reaching the end of The Lawson Legacy, and wanted to start a second one to minimise the likely withdrawal once that hits the tenth generation. That's where Historia comes in :)

Ancient History is an alphabetacy (because I'm a masochist, apparently) with a classical naming theme. Unlike The Lawson Legacy, it will actually include heterosexual and bisexual sims, according to the whims of ACR. Historia herself is bi, which is a handy trait for a founder. Unfortunately, she has a penchant for gay men!

I'll still very much be playing the Lawsons as well, so readers of that should fear not ;)

Three more Historia pictures under the cutCollapse )


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