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An Ancient History teaser...

Meet Historia Caesar. Historia is the founder of my new Maxis Match legacy, Ancient History. I'm reaching the end of The Lawson Legacy, and wanted to start a second one to minimise the likely withdrawal once that hits the tenth generation. That's where Historia comes in :)

Ancient History is an alphabetacy (because I'm a masochist, apparently) with a classical naming theme. Unlike The Lawson Legacy, it will actually include heterosexual and bisexual sims, according to the whims of ACR. Historia herself is bi, which is a handy trait for a founder. Unfortunately, she has a penchant for gay men!

I'll still very much be playing the Lawsons as well, so readers of that should fear not ;)

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I haven't heard of that type of legacy. What are the other objectives and/or rules?

It's a 26-generation legacy, with each generation corresponding to a letter of the alphabet - hence the masochism ;)

Can't wait! Historia is gorgeous, and such an interesting name.

Just as a random side-note, I noticed that your comment count for each post is in a little leaf, and I instantly thought of changing the link to "Leaf a comment" haha. I'm so sorry, that's a terrible joke but I had to share... :')

Thank you!

No, never apologise for puns! Embrace the puns!

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