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Ancient History: Prologue

The Lawsons are halfway through generation eight, and I'm already fretting about saying goodbye to them, so I decided to get my next legacy started before I have to do so. Ancient History is a commentary-style alphabetacy with a – you guessed it – ancient history naming theme. It should be fairly easy to distinguish from the Lawson Legacy, given that Ancient History is maxis match and the Lawsons are not! ;)

Meet Historia Caesar. She's the founder of the legacy, in case that isn't blatantly obvious. She has brown hair and eyes and a s4 skintone. You can probably tell that I use the equal genetics hack by those dominant genes ;)

Historia Caesar
Aspiration – Knowledge (Popularity)
Lifetime Want – Become a criminal mastermind
Sexuality – Bisexual
Turn Ons – Hard Worker/Good Cook
Turn Off – Stink
One True Hobby - Sport

Historia also has zero nice points. This should make it super easy to find her a spouse. *cough*

Neat – 8
Outgoing – 7
Active – 6
Serious – 4
Grouchy – 0

As a broke legacy founder, Historia gets the pleasure of starting her simlife in the great outdoors. Luckily, it's not winter, so she won't be snowed on. Yet.

She's not altogether happy with her very basic home. Well, would you be?

Meet the second member of the household. This is Sphinx and, if you know anything about the Lawsons, you won't be surprised to hear that she will (hopefully!) stick around for the entire legacy. I don't let simpets die.

Sphinx Caesar

Sphinx means that Historia has a built-in means of boosting her social meter, even when her lack of nice points makes human conversation difficult. Which it does rather often.

There are no jobs open in the Criminal career path yet, so Historia takes the highest-paying job out of the day's offerings. She wants to get a roof over her head as soon as possible.

Soon afterwards, she spots the first walk-by. She's cute!

Apparently Historia doesn't agree. Oh well, there are plenty more sims in the sea.

Speaking of the sea, Historia is living on a beach block, which means pretty twilight scenery like this. Of course, it also means that all of her guests disappear down to the shore to make sandcastles the moment after she greets them.

Case in point – check out the background.

Another walk-by was foolish enough to pass Historia's 'house'.

Her name is Meadow Despret, and Historia hopes that her surname is a clue to her character.

Meadow is extremely pretty, but she and Historia only have one bolt, and it's a bit early in the legacy to settle for that. Perhaps if Historia ends up being 'despret' herself ;)

Ooh, wait a minute. This looks promising! I do believe that's a chap heartfarting over Historia.

A quick makeover later, and it turns out he's really cute, too!

Unfortunately, Historia is having none of it. It really does make this whole spouse-hunting game more difficult when your founder hates almost everyone she encounters.

On the upside, Historia is finally able to switch into her chosen career, and begin the path towards her lifetime aspiration.

Better yet, the money she made in the military allows her to put a roof over her head – literally.

As you can see, her first proper home is still very basic – and so small that her possessions don't all fit inside. It's still a big improvement, though!

Sphinx celebrates by getting thoroughly stoned.

Historia manages to bag a membership card for the cuisine secret lot. Right now, her greatest cooking accomplishment is making a sandwich, so I think it'll be a while before she enters any cooking competitions.

On a trip out to look for a partner, Historia scopes the room and discovers Renaud Centowski.

HISTORIA: Wanna snog?

Unfortunately, while Renaud is cute and has an amusing French-Polish name, he is only a one-bolter too.

Just as she's about to leave, Historia runs into the atrociously evil warlock, Bill Sell. (Nice wizarding name, right?) They have no chemistry, but he obviously enjoys her lack of nice points, because they get along well and eventually become friends.

Downtown doesn't reveal a lot of relationship prospects for Historia, but at least she's able to earn a little extra cash by DJing for a while.

Don't you just love it when you give exactly the same answer to a chance card and somehow it's OMGWRONG the second time around? That 10% chance of failure even when giving the right answer is a real pain. Oh well, it's not like Historia was using that Cuisine enthusiasm anyway.

After a hard day of thieving, Historia brings home a co-worker. His name is Greg Vijayakar and, unfortunately, he's yet another one-bolter.

By this stage of proceedings, however, Historia isn't feeling too picky. Losing your virginity to a co-worker probably makes for awkward workplace relations, but Historia isn't really thinking about that right now.

Greg's not too bad to look at, but one bolt means that he'll just have to remain a sexual conquest. Historia needs at least two bolts with her future spouse.

Another trip down town, another chance to scope the 'room' (which, in this case, is actually a park).

Unfortunately, as hot as Historia may find Xavier Midlock, they actually have negative chemistry. He's not a fan of her make-up, alas. Well, Xavier, she's not a fan of your rudeness!

Of course, the woman who thinks Historia is attractive is someone whom Historia couldn't care less about. Such is life.

Wait! Historia has spotted another spouse prospect!

Sorry, Historia, but no. You're not that desperate yet.

Now that's more like it! Her name is Lauren Ajjanagadde and she actually has two bolts with Historia! (So did Victor, but that is beside the point.)

A skill point you don't need to skill for is nothing to be sneezed at.

At least she managed to gain back that cuisine enthusiasm she lost earlier ;)

The burglar look suits Historia. (To be fair, with that face, most things would suit her, I think.)

First Mrs. Crumplebottom sighting of the legacy! How dare Historia be wearing her bathing suit poolside! At least she manages to escape the wrath of the handbag by hiding behind the hedges.

Much more spouse-hunting occurs, but this picture is the perfect visual record of pretty much every encounter Historia has with anyone she finds remotely attractive. She swoons, they talk to her and then she decides she hates them. Of course.

At this point, I decide to give up on Historia ever meeting a three-bolter, knowing that the chances of her hating them if she did are pretty high. Lauren is highest on the chemistry list, so she wins the booby prize of getting to be Historia's wife. Lucky Lauren.

Luckily for Historia, Lauren's kinda gorgeous. She also has completely different genetics to Historia, with black hair, green eyes and an s3 skintone.

(As an aside, I tried very hard to not have a same sex relationship be the first marriage in Ancient History, simply because that's the theme of the Lawsons. But Historia had different ideas, and what the founder wants, the founder gets.)

And Historia wants Lauren.

Luckily, Lauren wants Historia right back.

Nothing like a slow dance on the beach at sunset add a little cliché to your romance.

Lauren moves in with Historia and unfortunately only brings §1000 with her. The house won't be getting a renovation just yet, then.

Lauren Ajjanagadde
Neat – 9
Shy – 2
Active – 6
Serious – 3
Grouchy/Nice – 5

Aspiration – Knowledge (Pleasure)
Lifetime Want – Become a Media Magnate
Sexuality - Bisexual
Turn Ons – Fitness & Makeup
Turn Off – Fatness
One True Hobby - Science

Lauren was working as a resident but, as her lifetime want is to be a Media Magnate, she switches to the Journalism career track right away.

We'll take any money we can get at this point.

Historia isn't getting any younger, so it's time to start trying for an heir. It doesn't happen right away. In fact, they're probably the least fertile sim couple I've ever had.

And then this happens.

Great. The first time someone gets abducted in a legacy of mine, and it's someone who can't produce potential alien heirs.

I'm still fuming when the aliens return.

Poor Lauren. That can't have been fun.

Except apparently it was, because she wants to do it all over again! Ah, Knowledge sims. Never change.

I have a hack that allows female sims to get alien impregnated too, so the very first baby of the legacy will be ineligible to become heir :(

With a baby on the way, it's time to renovate. There's still not much money in the Caesar bank account, so it's not much of an improvement.

Lauren is about to start showing, so Historia gets down on one knee in the snow to propose.

Lauren says yes, of course.

Right after the engagement, Historia rushes into the bathroom to throw up. Finally, an heir-producing pregnancy!

The two get married alone in the back yard, with the ocean in the background.

Even Lauren's interesting choice of wedding attire isn't enough to stop Historia making her vows.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Historia and Lauren Caesar – founder and founder-spouse of Ancient History.

That promotion will come in very handy with babies on the way and both women about to go off on maternity leave.

Nice to see that the same answer gets the same response this time around!

A quadrilogy of pops. Not a lot happens in a household with two very pregnant residents, you see.

Lauren, however, is still gorgeous, just in case you were wondering.

Gorgeous, that is, and about to give birth!

Next time in Ancient History...
Babies! Generation A will arrive and the legacy proper will begin. I hope you'll join me :)

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Cool to see a couple of pregnant wives. :-) I rarely see sims get abducted, alas.

I've recently started playing the Sims again! And then I found out that they shut down the official Sims 2 webpage, what gives? I hardly remember what EPs I have or what each add to the game. Where do you get sandcastles? Is that the "Bon Voyage"-esque EP? Because I probably didn't buy that one since I loathed Bon Voyage in the original game.

How long have you been playing with Apartment Life? I think that was the last one I got, and I'm not sure what to use it for. I don't really make flats very often - my sims typically live in houses.

I'm thinking of doing a ... legacy type thing, too, except mine will just follow my own rules and probably be more of s story. Where do you host your images?

When I started playing again, I created a couple and gave them a dog and a cat, and it's really time-consuming! That dog gets dirty SO fast. Cats are at least easier in that aspect. :-)

I haven't had it happen since before I was playing Legacies. Which is a lonnnnnnnng time ago! I have a hack that makes it more likely, but it doesn't seem to increase the odds much at all.

Sandcastles is Bon Voyage, yes, as is the beach lot. I only just got that very recently, and I've only used that aspect and the ability to dig for treasure. I'm sure I'll send sims on a holiday eventually, but none of them have had the want yet!

I don't really use Apartment Life at ALL. I got it a couple of years ago, but I have no interest in my sims living in apartments (hey, I don't even like living in a flat myself!) so it's basically just a stuff pack for me :D

I would love to read your story! My images are actually hosted on LJ. This is a plus account, so I don't know how much room I have left in my scrapbook, but I'll probably just switch to using my personal account when it fills up.

Dogs are SO much more work. Catterick just chills, but Bones is EFFORT!

I'm currently going through all of my hacks to ensure that they are up to date - and maybe download a few more. :-D Hacks, in my opinion, make the Sims worthwhile playing! I remember the constant jumping on beds ... the constant making of the bed ... the constant whining because you took away one of their toys ... And I wouldn't want to go without the ACR. It's nice to see sims interacting romantically on their own - otherwise they would hardly get any love in my game at all. :-) And, of course, the hacks that unbreak what Eaxis broke. I would not want to play an entirely hackfree game - it would surely go BOOM soon.

Anyway. Have you seen that they're doing a Sims 4? I know too little about it still, so I don't know if it's worth getting or not, but if the gameplay is like the Sims 3, I know I won't.

Yeah, there are so many hacks that make ALL the difference when it comes to how enjoyable the game is to play. For instance, uni wouldn't be nearly as fun without dormies who can die ;)

I've only really seen a few pictures and one video on youtube when I was in Warragul. The video was all about EMOTIONS! EMOTIONS! EMOTIONS! I'm most interested in genetics, really.

I love Sphinx! He is such a cutie.. Historia and Lauren make a great couple.. :D

He's very entertaining - except for when he WON'T STOP YOWLING, despite being trained not to. It's in keeping with the fact that he's a Siamese, but still ;)

(Deleted comment)

Re: Actually, aliens are encouraged in the Legacy Challenge...

The problem is that the spouse is the one who got pregnant, so the babies won't have any of the founder's genes :(

And yeah, I'm not interested in keeping score :) It's far too much like work, then! For me, legacies are about the challenge of keeping a family going and seeing how the genetics play out over the generations. I did start with a 5x5 block, though! If it doesn't look that big, it's probably because it hasn't been flattened, and it slopes down to the water :)

OMG I cant wait for alien babies i loooove alien babies

Spoiler: SOOOOO CUTE! ;) I'm so pleased to finally see some alien action!

aww i love MM and your spouse is beautiful *o*
Cant wait for the alien baby though

Thank you :) I'm loving MM myself these days, so one of the reasons I started a second legacy was so I wouldn't confuse everyone by MMing my other one! ;)

Yeah Siamese are prone to yowling.. what is his sign? :)

He's an Aries, just like me. I probably yowl a lot too ;)

LOL I love Siamese kittehs. :) They are beautiful.

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