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Ancient History: A-II
AH: Historia

Last time, Historia and her wife Lauren had a lot of babies, as is wont to happen in Legacies.

We begin with cuddletime for Sphinx. Lucky Sphinx ;)

Three kids of the same age means a whole lot of A+ joy.

There are a lot of birthdays in this update, as the cut suggested. Unfortunately, there's not a lot else for a while, because most of the time was spent trying to make sure no one died ;) Aphrodite is the first of the kids to hit the cake.

I think she approves!

As a child, she still looks extremely like her older sister. That's not exactly a bad thing, though!

While Aprodite heads off into the kitchen with a plateful of cake, Lauren readies Athena for takeoff.

Glitchy hair aside (I really need to go through my hair folder again), she's totally cute as a toddler.

Athena Caesar
Neat – 9
Shy – 2
Active – 6
Serious – 3
Grouchy/Nice – 5

And finally (for now, anyway), it's Antigone's turn to grow up.

Ugh. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to be that cute.

Antigone Caesar
Sloppy/Neat – 7
Shy/Outgoing – 6
Lazy/Active – 6
Serious/Playful – 4
Grouchy/Nice – 3

Historia is still slowly progressing in the criminal career track, and practising her lying whenever she has a (rare) free moment.

Hey, it's not much, but we'll take it!

The game keeps giving me this damn chance card, and the 'right' answer is different every time.

Aeneas doesn't bring a friend home, btw. I think I have a hack conflict that stops that happening any more :(

Aw, don't look so sad, Aphrodite. You'll get that A+ soon enough because I'll be forcing yourself to do your homework before you do anything else.

The older kids are still around, btw. It's just that they spend 99% of their time playing or watching video games.

Um, Athena? I'm not so sure that's the best...


Athena and Antigone are the first twins I've ever had who are completely indifferent to each other – bordering on dislike. This shot is just post huggle-reject. How could you ever reject a huggle? They're so cute!

I hate this one. It irritates me on a personal level :D You should never be ashamed of the music you like, and people who judge you for your tastes are just immature prats. [/soapbox]

See what I mean? ALL THE DAMN TIME.

I told you it'd happen :D

Andromache and Aeneas being ineligible means that Agrippina has scored the favouritism I usually save for the first born of the generation. Despite this, I still think she's a bit mean to tease a poor widdle toddler.

Sphinx doesn't understand the concept of all this hard work when the family could be feeding or playing with her.

I mean, could you resist this face in favour of homework?

Catterick from the Lawson Legacy hasn't learnt a trick in his many-generational life, so this is pretty huge for me ;)

As I was saying... I love her, but gee she's a little brat!

Birthday time again! And this time, five out of the six kids are growing older. Crazy stuff, game, crazy stuff.

Athena first!

Um, perhaps not that hair style, Athena. It's one of my least liked Maxis hairs.

That's much better. In colouring, she's 100% Lauren, but she has Historia's eye shape and I think a lot of her other facial features as well.

Antigone's up next.

Okay, yeah, that's one of the better Maxis hairstyles, but I still think we can do better.

There we go. Despite the brown hair, I actually think she looks a lot more like Lauren than Athena does. It'll be interesting to see whether that carries through to adulthood.

You know, that pinky-lavendery coat goes wonderfully with Andromache's skin tone.

There's something really adorable about her look. The pointy ears certainly help!

Andromache Caesar
Aspiration – Family (Fortune)
Lifetime Want – Reach Golden Anniversary
Sexuality – Straight
Turn Ons – Fit & Glasses
Turn Off – Good at Cleaning
One True Hobby - Sports

It's probably good that Andy can't be heir, because if she were, I'd be sticking glasses on every single male sim in the neighbourhood in hope of raising their chemistry ;)

Stay cute, Aeneas!

Why can't you be heir? Whine :(

Aeneas Caesar
Aspiration – Fortune (Romance)
Lifetime Want – Become a World Class Ballet Dancer
Sexuality – Bisexual
Turn Ons – Glasses & Hard Worker
Turn Off – Cologne
One True Hobby – Science

And, the final birthday for the update honours go to Agrippina.

Are you threatening me?

Nah, she's just a sports sim. And a gorgeous one at that :)

Agrippina Caesar
Aspiration – Pleasure (Family)
Lifetime Want – Have 50 First Dates
Sexuality – Straight
Turn Ons – Logical & Good at Cleaning
Turn Off – Hard Worker
One True Hobby – Sport

Oh Agrippina :( I love you, but your lifetime want and your turn off suck to the extreme. You just lost a stack of heir points.

Birthdays had, the kids head straight back to the games console.

I can't remember how much it was, which suggests it wasn't much at all ;)

Why do I always have Sims who can only interact with each other via noogie?

Aeneas, you were the one sticking your sister in a headlock. I hardly think you have a right to be cross about it.

I send the teenagers downtown to get them some romance, and Aeneas is quick to spot someone he likes.

What was it that I was just saying about noogies? Sigh.

Aeneas heads over to introduce himself to the girl he liked the look of, Trina Hurt.

Apparently he likes one of these near-identical ponytail girls too. Either that, or he's just really into soup talk.

It's Trina he's most interested in, however. She's pretty cute, so I think he should go for it.

And go for it he does! First kiss scored!

Snogging teenage girls in public parks leads to getting a good reputation, huh? Noted >.>

Um, don't look now, Andromache, but I think that food you're eating is on fire...

As Agrippina and Andromache had zero success in meeting anyone downtown (probably because they just played rock, paper, scissors with each other for hours on end), Agrippina calls in the matchmaker.

She brings Shaun Adams, who is pretty decent to look at, given how little money Agrippina gave the matchmaker. There's always a hitch, though.

In this case, the hitch is the fact that Shaun is much more into Agrippina's half-brother.

But Agrippina has a good reputation too, Shaun!

Apparently that's what he needed to seal the deal. Agrippina scores her first kiss as well. (If you're confused, Shaun is actually bi... and attracted to all three of the Caesar teens.)

Permaplat! Now Historia can concentrate on making sure that her children don't starve.

As I said, Shaun's actually into Andromache as well. They only have the one bolt, but that's more than enough for them to head out on a date.

I'm feeling a sense of deja vu here...

Apparently Shaun just really likes people with good reputations. That's Andromache's first kiss had.

The following day, Andy invites Shaun over... but it's Aeneas who heads out to greet him.

A noogie. Of course. These kids are just so very socially adept.

Apparently snow is romantic, because Shaun is looking very charmed right now.

Very romantic, even. That's three for three when it comes to Shaun snogging the teens in this family. You little player, Shaun!

(Please note Andromache watching creepily through the window behind them.)

At least he doesn't play favourites?

As much as I love Aeneas and Andromache, they're not eligible as heirs, and the time I spend on them is time that isn't being spent on the eligible kids. So it's off to university for them both.

Bye, guys. See you when the rest of the kids are all grown up!

Next Time: More birthdays and a less-overloaded house ;)

Ancient History is an alphabetacy with an ancient history naming theme. If you're a first time reader, you can find an archive of all past updates here.

I only have sporadic internet access, so I always play ahead and thus can't do heir polls. For the same reason, I can be slow to respond to comments and friend-adds, but they are always appreciated and I do respond when I get the chance!

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you should totally just keep Aeneas around anyway 'cause cutessss.

I knowwwwww! One of the reasons I needed to send him to uni was so that I could choose an heir, because with him around I'm too busy being ARGH YOU ARE SO CUTE ;)

I like the look on poor Sphinx' face in the first picture. Monty makes those big eyes, too, when he feels wronged.

So sad to see the green people go. Like a famous frog once croaked: It's not easy being green.

I think I must disapprove of Shaun, though. He's a scheemer, I can tell. He's just wanting to break up the family, and this isn't some TV soap opera that has to last for years.

Well, maybe it kind of is, but I'm still sure he's up to something!

I miss your cats :(

I am going to be very interested to see whether Shaun thinks he can snog the rest of the family as well, once they become teens. The amazing part is that I'm pretty sure he isn't even a romance sim!

Monty and Oliver will be waiting for you to return, and then ignore you for your entire stay as punishment for leaving them, only to warm up to you a few minutes before your departure and then throw a tantrum when you don't have time to pet them as much as they want. :-)

That sounds about right for cats :D

Agrippina is beautiful! XD

That is my absolute favorite Maxis hair... :)

Haha, that just shows how subjective these things are! I don't like how much it covers the face :)

EDIT: Uh, pretend I actually replied with my simosaurus_rex account ;)

Edited at 2013-10-11 10:49 pm (UTC)

I think it's cute but yeah it does cover the face. :)

Uh, pretend I actually replied with my simosaurus_rex account
LOL ok!

Yay! I love the Caesar family! The alien twins are so cute; I'll miss them until the last kid is ready for uni.

Geez, Shaun! Don't even try to hide the fact that you're dating ALL the Caesar teens! He'll probably wait around for the younger ones, too. At least they don't seem to mind sharing a boyfriend?

I'm glad you like them!

I have some jealousy tweaks courtesy of ACR, but they should only really affect romance sims, so I'm not quite sure why they're all so happy to share!

EDIT: Uh, pretend I actually replied with my simosaurus_rex account ;)

Edited at 2013-10-11 10:48 pm (UTC)

I'm really pleased with how the kids have turned out :)

EDIT: Uh, pretend I actually replied with my simosaurus_rex account ;)

Edited at 2013-10-11 10:48 pm (UTC)

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