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Simosaurus Rex

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NB: I have very limited internet access, so please forgive my taking forever to reply to comments and commenting belatedly on legacy posts!

This is the Sims 2 journal of augustuscaesar. At the moment, it's focused on my legacies, The Lawson Legacy and Ancient History. Please feel free to add me as an LJ friend, especially if you're a fellow simmer - more Legacies to read is always a plus!

I have a central download list for Lawsons (and older sims) here. Eventually, there will be a separate Ancient History list.

When it comes to in-game relationships, you're likely to find M/M, F/F and M/F pairings in my posts. The Lawsons are a same-sex legacy family, so that's all M/M and F/F. Ancient History takes place in a hood with 20% gay sims, 20% straight sims and 60% bisexual sims. If you're homophobic, therefore, this is not going to be your happy place.

I have all of the expansion and stuff packs these days, but I still don't think I'd play if it weren't for custom content. The Lawson Legacy is a semi-realistic game, and I have a very poor resource post that is dreadfully out of date. I'm always happy to answer WCIFs if it's something I know or can find out, though. Ancient History is a maxis match game, and has a separate resource post.

I'm very much a Sims 2 player and a Sims 2 reader, so I apologise for COMPLETELY IGNORING everything Sims 3 focused in the community!